Tournament Creation

Ideal for tournament captains for Club Tournaments, College Tournaments, High School Tournaments, or Charity Tournaments. Tournament Organizers will find that Striker Golf GPS is indispensable in their efforts to create the ideal competitive golf tournament. Using our proprietary software, organizers will be able to invite their players through the social network, organize and interact with their players prior to the tournament, easily set up the tournament with our 3 step game creation software, and have the members play and interact using our social mobile GPS app.

For the first time, tournament golfers will be able to interact and network before, during, AND after a tournament round. How many of us have played in a tournament where we don’t know anyone, don’t network with anyone except the 3 other members of the foursome, and never interact with other players in the tournament. Players can now stay in touch and network through the year and possibly during another tournament.

Players can keep score using their mobile app which feeds into a Live Leaderboard that everyone can see. How often have you played in a tournament where you wished you knew how everyone else was doing. Now, using our live leaderboard, you can.