Tiger Woods- Its all about the Short Game

Quote from John Cook about Woods. “I see his progress. I see [Woods’s coach Sean] Foley a bit around Orlando, so Tiger and I are in constant communication. I do know the feeling he has about what he’s doing, and he believes 100 percent in it. Right now it’s just about getting better with the short irons, because these guys all hit wedges to 8-irons into every hole. That control with the short irons is something that’s going to have to come back.

“He had that,” Cook added. “Mark [O’Meara] and I talked to him a lot about that in his early years, that he needed to control his golf ball more consistently, and he worked on that, which was why he went to the stratosphere and got to be so much better than everyone else. He’s got the new swing down, which took a couple years, and now that he’s comfortable again, I think he’ll dial the short irons in again and be back to where he was. I think he’s well on his way.”