Striker Essentials


Thank you for downloading Striker Golf GPS. Please take a few minutes to review the important information in this email. It will familiarize you with the basic functionality to allow you to get started with ease. Striker Golf GPS is a very powerful golf app and it is best used if you complete the set-up first.

The app was designed to allow our players to create most of the games that you or your friends may want to play, whether it is an individual or team handicapped game or Ryder Cup games (best ball, alternate shot, better ball, match play) with or without handicaps. Setting up the games, as well as messaging, is much easier if you first set the app up by following these steps:

  1. Enter your full name and picture. This will allow your friends to quickly find you.
  2. Enter your handicap.
  3. Identify your friends as “favorites” to expedite player entry and chat.
  4. Identify your favorite courses to facilitate game setup.

Here are some quick tips about key features in the app to get you up and running with ease.

home_page_2_172x380Home Page

The home page is where you will begin many of your activities:

  1. The button at the top right is your setting button. You should start by completing your profile, including your full name and photo.
  2. The New Game button is where you will set up your games and invite friends to your games.
  3. The Current Game button is where you will go to start your game and to see a list of the games that you have been invited to by your friends.
  4. Chat up your friends and do some trash talking in Social.

Profile_172x306Player Profiles

Check out other player’s profiles before you play them. View their:

  • Recent scores and scorecards
  • Profile picture
  • Points
  • Friends

team_game_setup_172x305Game Setup

The New Game button allows you to set up games for yourself or for teams. Note that the app has many game options including:

  1. Match play
  2. Stablefords and stroke play
  3. Ryder cup games including best ball and alternate shots

Select players from your friends list or search the network of Striker users. Invite your golfing buddies right from the app.

golf_gps_4_172x382GPS Rangefinder

The range finder function provides many exciting capabilities from one screen:

  1. Enter your score without leaving the range finder screen by tapping the Strokes button. If you like to keep your stats, the app will prompt you for your putts, chips, hazards, sands, and drive location automatically as you enter data.
  2. See the front/middle/back distances at a glance from your current location.
  3. Get a distance from your current location to any point on the course, and from that point to the green, simply by tapping a new location from the middle white dot.
  4. Switch to the scorecard / leaderboard simply by turning the phone to landscape mode.

scorecard_300x243Live Scorecard

The Live Scorecard packs a lot of information into a little space.

  1. Hole-by-hole handicaps (small numbers next to Par info)
  2. Converts your handicap to course handicap automatically
  3. Displays gross and net scores (blue boxes)
  4. Easy access to Leaderboard


The Leaderboard allows you to see how all the teams are doing in a tournament or multi-team game.

Remember to contact us if you have any issues by email or refer to the support information and tutorials at