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golferIt’s that time of year when half the golfers in the country look up to the skies and pray to the golf gods, “Please just give me one more week of golf!”

But alas, their prayers go unanswered. Suddenly sunrise begins too late and sunset too early, making it nearly impossible to sneak in a round before or after work.

The weather gets wetter and colder as our days get shorter and darker. Hibernating with our clubs sounds better all the time for those of us who can’t bear to be without them for a week. How will we last the next 6 months!

Thank heaven for bucket lists and airline points and the thousands of golf courses in the USA where snowbirds can trade in frostbite for sun screen.

In our Best Places to Play winter series, the Striker Team will travel the social highway to unearth recommendations for the top year-round US golf courses, written by players just like us who live for golf.

This week we are taking a tip from our friends in the great white north who are experts at escaping Old Man Winter for greener pastures. We’re heading west, waaaay west to a wonderland of golf and where the PGA kicks off the new year in style at Kapalua on Maui. Check out Gord Montgomery’s review of Kapalua Golf’s Bay and Plantation Courses.


Par 5, #2 Handicap 17th Hole at Kapalua Plantation – Gorgeous But Deadly!

Ready to pack your bags? Well, having played both courses many times, I have to agree with the author when he calls them “akin to a sleek ballerina sister and a hulking football brother”. Both courses are so different, but each fun to play, especially when the trade winds decide to take you and your golf ball on the ride of your life!

But a word of advice…you’ll definitely want your Striker Golf GPS app with you when you play these babies, especially at the Plantation where it’s cart path only on many holes and difficult to calculate yardages using just the course markers.

The Striker Seeker

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