Perfect for Corporate Outings

Striker Golf GPS’s Charity Module is actually ideal for Corporate Outings. What is the main purpose of the corporate outing? Corporate Outings are usually designed to promote team spirit and comradery within the company. These rounds are usually not supposed to be overly competitive. The Charity Module allows for golf options such as

  • Best Ball
  • Better Ball
  • Scramble
  • Alternate Shot

These team based games promote a sense of team spirit. The organizer will be able to invite their players through the social network, save them to a group, organize and interact with their players prior to, during, and after the tournament.

The Corporate Tournament is created with our 3 step game creation software.

For the first time, the players will be able to interact and network before, during, AND after a tournament round. How many of us have played in a tournament where we don’t know anyone. The social network features can potentially change that. Corporate group members can now stay in touch and network through the year
And for the Tournament Organizer, the interactive social network allows the organizer to keep in touch with the players throughout the year until it is time to set up the tournament again.