Version 1.4 (iOS) Released

Users should be noticing that an update now exists to Striker Golf GPS version 1.4.

Version 1.4 contains a variety of bug fixes and performance enhancements as well as a new Profile Page.

Profile screenshot

New Striker Golf GPS Profile Page


The new profile page allows users to see information about other players and friends including their photo, recent scorecards, statistics, points levels, and more.

Please contact us if you have any questions or issues with the new version.



It’s Almost Here!!!

Friends, thanks for all of the encouraging emails and best wishes.  The enthusiasm that you’ve shown toward checking out the app has been very exciting for us.  Good News!!!  The Striker Golf GPS app has been submitted to Apple for review and will be submitted to Google this week.  They should be available in the respective iTunes store and Google Play store within 10 days and we will notify all of you who have volunteered to be beta testers to go check ’em out.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and to announcing Version 1 as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more exciting news…

How Do You Calculate and Use a Golf Handicap Index?

screen-12-4In the early part of the twentieth century, the United States Golf Association (USGA) made a decision to even the playing field among amateur golfers in an attempt to make golf more fun and equitable.  The premise was that golf would be much more fun if you could “handicap” a better player when they are playing others of lesser skill levels;  the match would be more even and competitive.

The challenge, of course, was determining a fair handicapping system.  In the effort to develop a fair  handicapping system, several systems have been developed.  In the United States, the GHIN, system is the most accepted system.  Other countries have different systems.  Handicap systems are not used in professional golf.  Amateur golfers who are not members of golf clubs are generally ineligible for “official” handicaps.

A player’s handicap is intended to show a player’s “potential”, and not a player’s average score.  The frequency by which a player will play to their handicap is a function of that golfer’s handicap, as low handicappers are statistically more consistent than higher handicappers.  The USGA refers to this as the “average best” method.  So in a large, handicapped competition, the golfer who shoots the best with respect to his abilities and the normal variations of the score should win.

In the United States, handicaps are calculated based on several  variables including the scores from the most recent rounds, the “course rating” and “slope” of the course they are playing.  A handicap differential is then calculated from these scores.

Calculation for handicap index:  This is a calculated number.  You must first know the course rating and slope

1.  A minimum of 5 scores and a maximum of 20 scores is required to start

2.  First, calculate the Handicap Differential for each round

Handicap Differential  = ( score- course rating ) x 113 / slope

** the number 113 represents the slop rating of a golf course of average  difficulty

3.  Note that a variable number of differentials are used .  For 5 rounds entered, use the 1 lowest differential.  For 10 rounds, use the 3 lowest differentials, and for 10 rounds, use the 10 lowest differentials.

4.  Take an average of the differentials used by adding them together and dividing them by the number of differentials used.   ( If 5 differentials are used, add them up and divide by 5 )

5.  Multiply this result by 0.96 ( 96%).  Drop all the digits after the tenths ( do not round off ) and the result is your handicap index.

Once the player has an official Handicap Index, this number can be “carried” to different courses to determine the players “Course Handicap” .  It is the Course Handicap, that is generally used to determine the Handicap that a player uses in a Tournament/Match at any specific course.

Calculation for Course Handicap Index:

Course Handicap = ( handicap index x slope ) / 113

Striker Golf GPS will calculate your Handicap Index based on the rounds of golf that you play.  It will also calculate the course handicap for each player your group who knows their handicap index so that you can play a competitive round of golf with your buddies using your your handicaps on an even playing field.

Best Golf App – GPS App Used to Create Games, Leagues, and Tournaments

screen-13-1We didn’t want to build just another Golf GPS App. There are plenty of those. We wanted to build a social mobile platform for golfer’s to interact by creating and playing games in twosomes, foursomes, 20 person groups, or even full fledged leagues and tournaments. And while the game of golf is made easier through what we feel to be the best and accurate GPS interface, the process of planning, playing, and scoring is made more interactive through group chat and messaging modules. The unique real time scoreboard, leaderboard, and chat features allows the golfer to chat it up before the round, play in real time, and trash talk after the round.

Our goal is to make golf easier, social, and more interactive. We are also interested in promoting the competitive and social nature of golf by attracting golf leagues, charity golf tournaments, and other tournament groups

This is a segment of the golf application market that has been relatively untapped. Game creation through the mobile application will allow the golfer to choose from a variety of game formats with or without handicaps.

  1. Player vs field
  2. Best Ball
  3. Better Ball
  4. Alternate Shot

The spirit of competition is promoted by the incorporation of leagues and competitive ladders. Leagues, charity groups, and other tournament groups can create pairings through the web site or directly through the mobile app and play the chosen game formats in real-time. This means that a player in one cart can see and interact with a cart four holes ahead to gain a competitive edge or simply to give them a hard time.

Evolution of a Golf GPS App

img_0021The idea of Striker first game to me when I had the honor of organizing a golf tournament with my friends over the memorial day holidays 2 years ago. I hesitate to call it a tournament as it was more of an outing among friends who all enjoyed golf, but played at very different levels. Some had very low handicaps, some had handicaps over 20, and some had non-existent handicaps. But all loved the game and wanted to play over the holiday weekend.

While I am sure many of you have organized outings like this before, but I never had. So the pressure of creating an outing over multiple days, with multiple rounds within a day, with different handicaps was a very daunting task. I began looking for apps and programs that could help me. The task of finding one that I liked was much harder than I thought. Believe it or not, there are very few apps that organize games. I eventually settled upon one that I felt was suitable ( I don’t think it is right to slam another business so I will not mention its name here ) but found out on the fly over the course of the 3 days that it was grossly inadequate. That’s when I realized that I had the beginnings of a business idea.

The first business plan was simply to create an app program that could

  1. Create different games such as best ball, alternate shot, scrambles
  2. Be able to incorporate up to 20 friends into these games
  3. Be able to use handicaps
  4. Be able to calculate the scores and outcomes on a live scoreboard and/or leaderboard

As I said, this was just the beginning of the idea….

Hello world!

Spread the word as we develop the most innovative Golf GPS and Real Time Game Organizer in the world: please ask to be a Beta Tester. Using a golf satellite GPS and Rangefinder as its platform, we are creating an App that encourages players to PLAY more golf through Game and Tournament modules, Practice and Statistics Modules, and a robust Chat and Social Features Module. This is an ambitious project that I hope to compete against the best devices on the market. And we need your help and input. Please check in with your advice and sign up to Beta test our device.