New User Registration on the Mobile Golf App

To register as a new Striker Golf GPS user from your mobile phone, follow these simple steps:

1.  Download and Install the Striker Golf GPS app from either the iTunes store or Google Play.

2.  Start the app.

3.  Slide thru the 3 or 4 splash pages (these only appear the first time you start the app).

4.  You will see the main page for the registration / login as shown below.  You can log in with your Facebook account, or you can create an account with your email address.  Select the appropriate button for the method you choose.


Striker Golf GPS User Registration – Main Page

Facebook Login – If you select to use your Facebook account, and your phone is currently logged in to Facebook, the account creation will happen automatically at this point.  If you are not currently logged in to Facebook, you will be prompted for your Facebook login credentials.

Email Login – If you select to create an account using your email address, you will be prompted with the screen below.

IMPORTANT:  Enter BOTH your first name and last name in the Name field.  This will allow your friends to recognize you when they are looking for a game.


Create New Golf GPS App Account Using Email