Make Your Tournament Memorable with these Top 5 Tee Gifts

It doesn’t take much to get golfers out on the course. Avid golfers are always inclined to play, so tournaments are a great way to leverage their enthusiasm for causes. A well planned tournament can generate great press as well as revenue.

Whether you call them tee gifts, giveaways or grab bags, advertising your tournament with custom-made golf swag will sponsor your event all year long. The key is to put your name or logo on golf gifts that are functional. A great gift would be something that a golfer needs and regularly uses during his or her game. Attendees of your tournament will in turn use your gifts regularly, promoting your event in three critical ways:

  • The Total Recall Route– Golfers will remember the good times they had at your tourney every time they use their gifts. A memento that will keep your event top of mind, like a wedding’s save the date, but with less glossy paper and more golf. In a nutshell, this will drum up repeat-customers.
  • The Word of Mouth Method– When your tournament’s players have their friends ask them where they got such nice [insert gift name here], your tournament will become the subject of conversation. And potentially get you a few new players in the next tournament.
  • Mad Men Style– Golfers sharing the green with the players from your tournament will see your event advertised on their gifts. Later on, when Joe Golfer is surfing the web for tournaments, he’ll remember seeing your branding and give your event stronger consideration. Classic advertising at its finest.

Now that you know why you should have tee gifts, how about some friendly advice on what your gifts should be? Here are our top five:

  1. Divot Tools– Ball marks can be the bane of a golfer’s existence. Which is why a classy tee gift could be a branded divot tool. Helping a golfer fix the green for smoother putting can only put your tournament in a good light. Try a site like for a decent variety to choose from.
  2. Bag Tags– To help your tournament stand out from the crowd, gift your golfers with bag tags. These tags are prime real estate for getting your event’s name out. They’re also highly customizable and can take many shapes and sizes. One tournament previously gave out leather tags in the shape of a saddle. The better looking the bag bling, the more attention your tournament will get.
  3. Visors– You won’t necessarily get Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson sporting your visors, but if one decent golfer attending your event likes to keep the sun out of his or her eyes and fancies the visors you generously gave out, then others may take notice and start talking.
  4. Premium Balls– With the self-proclaimed #1 ball in golf, you’ll certainly get a little extra attention for your event with your logo underneath the name “Titleist”. Gift your golfers with a sleeve of customized Titleist golf balls, by visiting
  5. Golf Umbrellas– Golf is a game that’s played rain or shine. And you can help your players shine even when it’s raining by keeping them dry with custom-made golf umbrellas. Size matters in this case. Go with a good 62” for solid protection from the elements.

Parting Thoughts on Prizes:

Consider giving out awards for accomplishments like Longest Drive and Closest-to-the-Pin. Aside from golf tools and apparel, you can go the old fashioned route and present your players with trophies. Trophies can sit in the offices of CEOs with wealthy, golf-loving clients who also want trophies. Just a thought….


At the 19th hole, go ahead and share promo materials for our Striker Golf GPS app. The app is free to download and something your golfers can take with them anywhere.