Live Scoring For High School and College Golf

Striker Golf GPS offers live scoring for College Golf Practice Rounds and Tournaments using Iphone and Android Mobile App and Web-Based Leaderboards. Volunteers or individual players can enter scores directly onto the mobile app or onto the web. Coaches, fans, friends, family and tournament administrators can follow the team and individual on the Live Leaderboards with ease, hole by hole from either the golf course, from home, or directly on their mobile app. If you have a large screen television in the clubhouse, easily connect a computer, iphone, or ipad to the television and share the experience.

The High School golfer can collect their statistics including their average scores and handicaps, greens in regulation, average numbers of putts, par saves, and wayward fairway drives. Coaches can use this information to help their players improve

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Ideal for Coaches and Instructors

While it is obvious that learning the fundamentals of the swing forms the basis for being a great golfer, course management comes a close second.

Striker Golf provides a variable statistics tracking feature designed to meet the needs of every golfer, from novice to pro. It will effortlessly adjust to the level of detail you want to track. Principle statistical variables include you average score, numbers of putts per round, percentage of Greens in Regulation, percentage of par saves, percentage of drives that drift left, right, or right on, and much much more.

Striker Statistics Module offers your own statistical data for your instructor to created targeted course management lesson plans that will enhance and quicken your progress.