How To Add Players to Your Friends List

If all of your golfing buddies already have Striker Golf GPS downloaded, follow the steps below to add them to your Friends List so you can easily communicate and invite them to games. If your friends do NOT have the Striker Golf GPS app downloaded, please see our tutorial “How To Invite a Friend to Join Striker Golf GPS”.

1. From the “Golf App Home” screen, select “Social”

2. Once in the “Social” module, select “Friends” as shown below and your current Friends List will appear:

Photo Aug 08, 11 28 53 AM

3. Select “Add Friends” and a list of Striker Golf GPS members will appear. To easily find your friend, type his or her name into the search bar at the top of the screen:

Photo Aug 08, 12 18 30 PM

4. When you have found your friend, select the “Add Friend” button to the right of their name. A confirmation notice will pop up:Photo Aug 08, 12 20 50 PM

5. Press “OK” and wait for your friend to accept your friend request!