How is handicap information shown on my scorecard?

Striker Golf GPS shows handicap information on your scorecard in a number of ways.

  1. Your Course Handicap is calculated automatically by the app and displayed under your name entry on the scorecard.  Your Course Handicap is the handicap you declared adjusted for the difficulty of the course according to USGA regulations.  No more breaking out a calculator for an accurate Net Score.
  2. The Hole Handicap is shown next to the par number on each hole.  The Hole Handicap is the ranking of the holes on the course by hardest to easiest, according to strict USGA guidelines and this ranking is used to determine on which holes a golfer is granted extra strokes.  For example,  if you have a handicap of 5, your are afforded an extra stroke on each of the 5 most difficult holes on the course.
  3. An asterisk is used as a Handicap Indicator to show the holes on which each golfer is granted an extra stroke.  If the golfer is granted more than one stroke (handicap greater than 18), two asterisks will be displayed