Golf Often and Live Fuller

Golf is frustratingI don’t know about you, but there are days why I wonder why I play golf.  One day I’m in the “zone” shooting my best round ever and the next I’m so “zoned out” I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.

Sometimes I think, “If golf doesn’t kill me, it will most certainly drive me insane.”

Well, I’m wrong on both accounts. Here’s why…

Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers reported that “prolonged and intensive stimulation by an enriched environment, especially regular exposure to new activities, may have beneficial effects in delaying one of the key negative factors in Alzheimer’s disease.”

Golf fits the bill on all counts.  You can’t argue that 4-5 hours on a golf course isn’t “prolonged”.   And there’s nothing more enriching than communing with Mother Nature where every hole is a new experience, a new challenge and intensely “stimulating” (especially after an eagle or triple bogey ;))

And the news just keeps getting better…

A study at the Swedish Karolinska Institute revealed that there is a 5-year increase in life expectancy for golfers.  This 40% reduction in mortality was observed in golf guys and gals, in all age, social and economic groups.

It also found that golfers with the lowest handicap had the lowest mortality rate.

Yes, golf is not only a game for life; it is a life and mind saver.

So instead of pitching your wedge after a bad shot, remember that no matter how bad your score is, your body and mind are in better shape than before you drove the first tee.

Golf Often and Live Fuller!

Dr. Striker

Frustrated golfer image courtesy of © Donald Purcell |