live_scoringLive Scoring & Leaderboards – FREE

With the most intuitive Live Scorecard on the market, Striker Golf GPS makes entering your score and vital statistics a breeze by providing the fastest score entry on the market and calculating your handicapped score automatically. When playing in groups, the easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly move from hole-to-hole and player-to-player to enter scores and see how the competition is doing. Automatic golf scoring is available for a wide range of formats and scoring methods. When the game is finished, your scorecard is emailed to you and is also available online. And the best thing about it is that the most intuitive golf scorecard is absolutely FREE!


Organize Corporate and Charity Tournaments

Striker Golf GPS provides a full range of functions to make your next tournament easy and fun. First, plan and set up your tournament using the Striker Golf GPS website. Invite players, organize teams, and assign them to carts using simple drag-and-drop functions. Then on tournament day, all of the players get full access to the Striker Golf GPS app so that they can easily keep score, follow the Live Leaderboard, and use the social media functions to amp up the the fun.

img_golf_leagueCreate and Organize Golf Leagues

Organize your golf league and offer FREE scorecard, leaderboard, and GPS capabilities to all of your league members. Golf league organizers can invite players through email or Facebook, easily set up matches and tournaments, organize teams, and assign teams to carts using simple our drag-and-drop method. The website makes it easy for organizers to communicate and interact with their players prior to a match. During a match, players can use all of the Striker Golf GPS functions, enter their scores and statistics, and monitor their place on the leaderboard.

img_buddy_trip-2Create a Golf Trip

Taking a golf trip with your friends? Whether a fun one-day outing or an intensely competitive multi-day golf event, planning a golf trip has never been easier. Invite your friends to the event, assign them to teams and carts, and use the full capabilities of the Striker Golf GPS app to make your golf trip more fun for everyone. The golf leaderboard will keep players aware of the standings in the competition, and the interactive social media functions will allow players and teams to interact before, during, and after each game.

img_rangefinderSatellite GPS and Rangefinder

Striker Golf GPS brings new efficiency and effectiveness to golf GPS and rangefinder apps, providing powerful capabilities without the clutter. Our advanced touch-point technology allows faster and more exact distance calculations to any point on the golf course and approach distances from that point to the green. Also, our integrated scoring buttons allow players to enter scores and statistics without ever leaving the GPS screen! Need to check the scoreboard? Simply turn your phone to landscape and the scoreboard automatically appears. Switch your phone back to the vertical view, and you are again in GPS mode. No more jumping between screens on your golf app allows you to focus on your game and not fumble around with your phone. We’re able to do all of this without eating up your battery like other golf apps, too!

img_socialInvite Friends and Be Social

Striker Golf GPS brings a new level of social interaction to the game of golf. The Striker golf app allows players to use the social network to invite their golf buddies to games and communicate with each other before, during, and after the game. There’s nothing like a little trash talking between players to elevate the competitive spirit. Discussion can be confined to the group or posted to players’ social media accounts.

img_statisticsRecord Your Statistics and Handicap

Striker Golf GPS allows players to easily maintain their vital statistics to improve their game and automatically calculates handicaps according to USGA rules. Maintaining statistics is made easy with our efficient, user-friendly interface that allows golfers to enter all of their key statistics in mere seconds without ever leaving the GPS screen. Players can track golf statistics such as putts, chips, hazards, sands, and drives (fairways hit, left, right, short, etc.) and then review these statistics in a variety of ways to help the player understand where they can focus to improve their scoring. Handicaps are maintained automatically as players enter their scores. I doesn’t get any easier than Striker Golf GPS to help understand your game.

Set up Ryder Cup Games

Ryder Cup games are becoming increasingly popular for golf trips and outings. Striker Golf GPS allows players to put together Ryder Cup tournaments or set up individual Ryder Cup scoring games including: Best Ball, Better Ball (Fourball), Alternate Shot (Foursome), and Individual Match Play. Handicap scoring is also automatic, making Striker Golf GPS a great way to enjoy any golf game format and scoring method.