Create and Organize Your League

Golf League Organizers and Captains will find that Striker Golf GPS is indispensable in their efforts to create their ideal golf league. Using our proprietary software, organizers will be able to invite their players through the social network, organize and interact with their players prior to the tournament, easily set up the tournament with our 3 step game creation software, and have the members play and interact using our social mobile GPS app.

This is the easiest league creation software available. Most software work through Microsoft Excell and spreadsheet formats. Most have too many and often complicated options. Our software simplifies this process…. Significantly.

  • Invite your players
  • Drag and drop them into teams
  • Choose how many round robin rounds/cycles
  • Choose how many players per team
  • Choose to play by handicaps
  • The software will flight your players and do the rest
  • Your players now have access to all the benefits of Striker Golf GPS. Using the mobile app, they have live scoring; they have access to leaderboards in the clubhouse, on the app, or even at home; they have access to the most sophisticated satellite GPS in the market, and statistics tracking and graphing.

For the first time, your golfers will be able to interact and network before, during, AND after their league matches. How many of us have played in league where we are simply trying to meet other people. Striker Golf GPS members can now stay in touch and network throughout the year, and golf league captains can keep their players organized into the next season.