Choose Your Scoring Method

  • Stableford
  • Modified Stableford
  • Strokeplay

Stableford Scoring System

Stableford ( or Modified Stableford ) are alternative scoring systems to the traditional Strokeplay Scoring System. Points are awarded on each hole as determined based on comparison of the number of strokes taken to a fixed score (usually par). This fixed score is then adjusted in relation to the player’s handicap.

Stableford and Modified Stableford scoring is generally more beneficial to the less skilled player as the player cannot score worst than a score of 2 over par. Once a player has taken two strokes more than the adjusted fixed score, he may pick up their ball as it is then not possible to score any points on that hole. They can then resume play on the next hole. Because of this, it is still possible to be competitive even allowing for a few bad holes. At the end of the round, the number of points scored on each hole is totaled to give a final score.

The winner of a Stableford competition is the player with the highest point total.

Standard Stableford Scoring:

Points → Strokes taken in relation to adjusted fixed score
0 → 2 strokes or more over, or no score recorded
1 → 1 stroke over
2 → Same number of strokes
3 → 1 stroke under
4 → 2 strokes under
5 → 3 strokes under
6 → 4 strokes under

Modified Stableford

Points → Strokes taken in relation to par
+8 points → Albatross (3 strokes under par)
+5 points → Eagle (2 strokes under par)
+2 points → Birdie (1 stroke under par)
0 points → Par
−1 point → Bogey (1 stroke over par)
−3 points → Double bogey or worse (2 strokes or more over par)

Game Building Statistics

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Enjoy Live Scoring

Striker Golf GPS offers live scoring for anybody with an Iphone or Android Mobile App. That means everyone in your group or tournament can each other’s scores on either Striker mobile-app Leaderboard or on Big Screen Leaderboard at the clubhouse. Play like a professional! Now you don’t have to guess how your competitors are doing 4 holes away. If you are playing among friends, enter your own scores. If you are playing a high school or college round, you coaches or representatives can enter your scores. Easily connect through your mobile app, iPad, computer, or television.

Invite Friends

Striker Golf is more fun with friends. Invite your golfing friends to join your Striker Social Network directly from you mobile app or through your personalized web page. Then stay connected and share your golf experiences with them. You can follow and comment on each other’s games within the app before, during, and after your round or on your personalized clubhouse. Trash talk and share your best experiences. Post these experiences to facebook.

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Live Scoreboards and Leaderboards

Striker Golf has come up with the most intuitive Live Scoreboard on the market. The easy to use interface allows you to quickly go from hole to hole and player to player to enter scores. The scorecard includes the course handicaps and takes into account your handicap index. Thee scorecard then crunches the numbers whether you are playing a match play or a stroke play tournament.

The scorecard will calculate the scores based on the Ryder Cup game you chose, the course handicap, and your handicap index. The scores are then reflected in a Live Leaderboard for all of your friends and competitors to see.