How can I make suggestions for new features?

Any questions or suggestions you have can be emailed to us at  Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

What do all the statistics and abbreviations in Stroke Analysis mean?

GIR(Greens in Regulation): Greens in regulation means your ball makes it to the green in the proper amount of strokes in relation to par for the hole. When par is being calculated for a hole, it always accounts for two putts. Thus, to achieve GIR on a Par 3, you must make it to the green in 1 shot, on a Par 4 you must make it to the green in 2 shots, on a par 5 you must make it to the green in 3 shots, etc.

Putts/Round: This statistic simply shows your average number of putts per round of golf you have played with the app

Par saves: A par save occurs when you essentially make only one putt on a hole in order to achieve par. You did not hit the putting surface in few enough shots to achieve GIR, but made par anyway by sinking one and only one putt on a hole.

Fairway hit: The percentage of fairways you hit during your rounds.

Left: The percentage of tee-shots you are hitting to the left of the fairway

Right: The percentage of tee-shots you are hitting to the right of the fairway

Short: The percentage of tee-shots you are hitting short from where you should be in the fairway.

Handicap Index: The handicap index is your current handicap.


If I get a new phone, will I have to purchase Striker a second time?

According to both the Apple and Google Play Terms & Services, once an app is purchased it can be transferred to any future phone free of charge.

Why can’t I view the scorecard and leaderboard in GPS mode on my iPhone?

Most likely your Portrait Orientation is locked. You can easily tell by looking at the top of your phone, to the left of your battery info; if you see a lock with an arrow around it, your Portrait Orientation is locked. To unlock it, follow the following steps:

From any screen on your phone, quickly press the home button twice and your open apps should appear at the bottom of your screen. Swipe once to the right, and your music player should appear as well as a grey box with the same icon as is beside your battery info. Press the icon once and “Portrait Orientation Unlocked” will appear. Press anywhere on your screen and the setting will be saved.


What if Striker doesn’t have handicap and hole information for a course I want to play?

Most handicap and hole information is already present in the Striker Golf GPS database.  In the event that the information for your course is not present, you have a number of options:

  1. You can let us know which course requires data and we will enter it for you.
  2. You can enter the course data yourself.
  3. You can play the course without handicap scoring.

Will Striker Golf GPS work on my phone?

The Striker Golf GPS phone app will work on both iOS and Android platforms. iPhone versions supported include iOS 4.3 and above. To check your iPhone, go to “Settings”, “General”, “About”, and look at “Version”. To see if your Android supports Striker, search Google Play for “Striker Golf GPS”.