Best Golf App – GPS App Used to Create Games, Leagues, and Tournaments

screen-13-1We didn’t want to build just another Golf GPS App. There are plenty of those. We wanted to build a social mobile platform for golfer’s to interact by creating and playing games in twosomes, foursomes, 20 person groups, or even full fledged leagues and tournaments. And while the game of golf is made easier through what we feel to be the best and accurate GPS interface, the process of planning, playing, and scoring is made more interactive through group chat and messaging modules. The unique real time scoreboard, leaderboard, and chat features allows the golfer to chat it up before the round, play in real time, and trash talk after the round.

Our goal is to make golf easier, social, and more interactive. We are also interested in promoting the competitive and social nature of golf by attracting golf leagues, charity golf tournaments, and other tournament groups

This is a segment of the golf application market that has been relatively untapped. Game creation through the mobile application will allow the golfer to choose from a variety of game formats with or without handicaps.

  1. Player vs field
  2. Best Ball
  3. Better Ball
  4. Alternate Shot

The spirit of competition is promoted by the incorporation of leagues and competitive ladders. Leagues, charity groups, and other tournament groups can create pairings through the web site or directly through the mobile app and play the chosen game formats in real-time. This means that a player in one cart can see and interact with a cart four holes ahead to gain a competitive edge or simply to give them a hard time.