Auctions are a Great Way to Make Money at your Charity Golf Tournament

One of the many great ways to make money at your Charity Golf Tournament is to set up an auction for goods and services. The auction can either take the form of a silent auction or a live auction. Auctions, along with the various forms of sponsorships are one of the major ways of raising money from your event. And if the auction is done correctly, it is a great way to create added excitement to your event and provide additional advertising exposure to the local or national companies that are participating.

  1. Silent Auction
  2. Live Auction

The source of the auction can include:

  1. Donations directly from your sponsors
  2. Donations from local or national businesses looking for exposure or charity
  3. Wholesale items from businesses that can’t/won’t donate but will offer items at wholesale
  4. Consignment items from businesses that are offered only if they sell

Great items for auctions might include:

  1. Event tickets
  2. Discount or gift cards to local restaurants
  3. Discount or gift cards to local or premier golf courses
  4. Memorabilia
  5. Jewelry
  6. Wine tastings
  7. Travel and entertainment packages
  8. Goods and services provided by one of the sponsors