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Tips for Finding Event Sponsors for Your Next Charity Golf Tournament

Golf tournament posterGolf tournaments are an extremely popular way to raise big money for charity. But, the results can be lackluster if your event doesn’t garner enough sponsorship dollars. Marketing your charity golf event to participants isn’t enough — you also need an aggressive marketing strategy to bring in sponsors. Here are a few marketing tips to help your charity golf event attract the kind of sponsors it needs to maximize your success.

Planning is Key

Not only do you need to carefully plan the tournament from the theme to the prizes and banquet, but you also need a comprehensive written marketing plan. This plan should address everything from sponsorship packages and package pricing, to the marketing budget, targets, goals, timeline/deadlines and specific activities. Don’t forget to include who is responsible for executing each action item on the plan.

Develop a Target List

Having well-connected committee members is one of the most common elements among the most successful charity golf tournaments, according to the Golf Tournament Association of America (GTAA). These movers and shakers should be prepared to help develop a list of their business colleagues, friends, relatives and other connections who might benefit from sponsoring your charity golf event. Be sure to include all past sponsors. Once you have developed a complete list of potential sponsors, you then need to hold committee members accountable for securing those sponsorships, auction donations and prizes. Develop marketing materials to support their efforts.

“What’s in it for me?”

All of your event’s marketing communications need to convey a clear benefit to the sponsors. How will they be helped by donating their services, cash, products and time to your event? Most sponsors get involved because they want their sponsorship to lead to increased business. Develop packages that give sponsors new or increased marketing opportunities. Demonstrate clearly how each sponsorship package can help them increase exposure, attract a high-income audience, solidify customer relations, gain publicity, network with potential clients and more. Show sponsors what’s in it for them.

Offer Marketing Support

A great way to add value to your sponsorship packages is by offering to provide marketing services. This helps ease the burden on the sponsor to get mileage out of their donation, and it also helps you gain increased exposure. For example, in addition to including sponsor names and logos on all of your event materials, you could also develop custom press releases for each sponsor. Give sponsors copies of your press release so they can use it in their own sales and marketing efforts. Develop a strong presence on social media to create more buzz for sponsors. Offer to sell sponsors’ goods and services, or involve them as speakers/presenters during the tournament. Arrange for photographs — before, during and after the event — and then give copies of photos to sponsors.

Retain Sponsors for your Next Event

The best and easiest sale is a repeat sale. Repeat sponsors are quicker to sign on and require less of a sales pitch. The key to repeat business is customer satisfaction. To be sure that your sponsors stay satisfied, follow these steps:

Do everything you said you would in the sponsorship package

Recognize sponsors at every possible opportunity — in writing, in person, on your website, through social media, during speeches

Send a personalized thank you note to each sponsor after the charity golf event concludes

Stay in touch with sponsors throughout the year to be sure your organization stays top of mind. Send e-newsletters, make occasional phone calls, recognize their achievements and special events, and stop in and do business with them.

Sponsorship acquisition is a huge part of making your charity golf tournament the fundraiser you want — and need — it to be. Employ these strategies to attract and retain sponsors this year and for years to come. Does your charity organization have a successful method of obtaining event sponsorships? Share your ideas in the comments below!