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Want to play better golf? Then Get Tracking!

I am a big believer in keeping track of my golf stats.  Next to honing a good and repeatable swing, I really think all golfers need to pay more attention to a number of key statistics in order to improve their games.

Before I started using Striker, I used to set up my score card like this at the start of my round.

golf score card

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Getting Started with Striker

Golf GPS AppStriker Golf GPS is a very powerful golf app with lots of very cool features.  It was designed to allow you to play most of the golf games that you and your friends like to play during a round.  You can play individual or team handicapped games or Ryder Cup games such as best ball, alternate shot, better ball or match play, with or without handicaps.

It’s really easy to use.  You can just download it on your iPhone or Android device and start using it right away, but to really maximize your enjoyment, we recommend you set up a few things first.

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Giving Golfers What They Want

golf-cartoonGolfers comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and genders, but for those of us who are passionate about the game we love, we know that regardless of our differences, there is one thing we all have in common – we want to get better. Golf isn’t a game to us – it’s a way of life. [Read more…]

Striker’s BOTW Golf Tip

golf-swingIn our never ending quest for the perfect game we tend to fill our heads with the most imperfect and often conflicting thoughts … keep your left arm straight, tuck in your right arm, stick out your butt, keep your head down, keep your head behind the ball, no… move your head as you swing through the ball, blah blah blah.

It’s a wonder we can still hit the ball at all!

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Striker’s Best Places to Play

golferIt’s that time of year when half the golfers in the country look up to the skies and pray to the golf gods, “Please just give me one more week of golf!”

But alas, their prayers go unanswered. Suddenly sunrise begins too late and sunset too early, making it nearly impossible to sneak in a round before or after work.

The weather gets wetter and colder as our days get shorter and darker. Hibernating with our clubs sounds better all the time for those of us who can’t bear to be without them for a week. How will we last the next 6 months! [Read more…]