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The satellite image is out of date, what can I do?

The satellite GPS images in our database are the latest available images. When new ones are available, the database will be updated.

How do I get course information added to the database?

If you find that a course you want to play is not in our database, please let us know by e-mailing us at and we will have the course information added. The time it takes is dependent upon the availability of the GPS information.

How do I edit scorecard information for a course?

If you have found a mistake in scorecard information or realize that hole or handicap information is simply missing for the course you are playing, please follow these steps to correct the information:

1. Sign in to your account on the website (located at the top navigation bar, “Members Sign In”)

2.  Select the “Courses” tab

3. Under “All Courses”, type in the name of the golf course you are looking for

4. When your course pops up, select “Edit”

5. Type in the correct information and press “Update”

If you are having trouble, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The Striker Team thanks you for your help!

Why am I not receiving notifications on my phone from Striker?

If you find you are not receiving notifications from Striker Golf on your phone (meaning you are not getting notified when someone sends you a message, invites you to a game, etc.) there are two things you need to double check.

1. Make sure you have notifications turned on within Striker. In Striker, under “Setup”, select “Settings”, and make sure Notifications are turned “On”.

2. If you have an iPhone, make sure you have Notifications turned on in the Notification Center on your phone. On the Home screen of your iPhone, select “Settings”, go to “Notifications”, scroll to Striker and make sure Notification Center is “On”. Also make sure to select your preference of Banners or Alerts.

If you are still having trouble, please e-mail us at

How To Create a New Group

Striker allows you to create groups so players can easily communicate with each other and organize details about rounds. Follow along as we take you step-by-step through creating a group.

1. From the “Golf App Home” page, select the “Social” module

2. Select the “Groups” tab at the top of the page and a list of your current groups will appear:

Photo Aug 11, 12 54 44 PM


3. Press “Add Group” in the top left corner and select the type of group you would like to create:

Photo Aug 11, 12 54 47 PM


4. When you have selected your group type, type in the name of your group and press “OK”:

Photo Aug 11, 1 07 13 PM


5. Your group should now appear in your list of groups as shown below:

Photo Aug 11, 1 07 19 PM


If you are ready to add players to the group, continue following the steps below (NOTE: If players have not yet downloaded Striker Golf GPS, make sure they have created an account before you try to add them to a group.)

6. Select your group from the list and choose the “Invite” tab

7. Type in the name of the player you want to add to the group and press “Search”:

Photo Aug 11, 1 07 59 PM


8. Select “Add Member” and “OK” for the request to be sent:

Photo Aug 11, 1 08 04 PM


9. Repeat until all players have been invited to the group!


How To Add Players to Your Friends List

If all of your golfing buddies already have Striker Golf GPS downloaded, follow the steps below to add them to your Friends List so you can easily communicate and invite them to games. If your friends do NOT have the Striker Golf GPS app downloaded, please see our tutorial “How To Invite a Friend to Join Striker Golf GPS”.

1. From the “Golf App Home” screen, select “Social”

2. Once in the “Social” module, select “Friends” as shown below and your current Friends List will appear:

Photo Aug 08, 11 28 53 AM

3. Select “Add Friends” and a list of Striker Golf GPS members will appear. To easily find your friend, type his or her name into the search bar at the top of the screen:

Photo Aug 08, 12 18 30 PM

4. When you have found your friend, select the “Add Friend” button to the right of their name. A confirmation notice will pop up:Photo Aug 08, 12 20 50 PM

5. Press “OK” and wait for your friend to accept your friend request!

How To Invite a Friend to Join Striker Golf GPS

Connecting with your friends on Striker makes golfing much more fun. Follow the steps below to easily invite your friends to download the app via text message, e-mail, or Facebook!

1. From the Golf App Home screen, click the Settings button (the tools icon) in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

2. You will be re-directed to the “Setup” screen shown below:

Photo Aug 08, 11 46 27 AM

3. Select the “Friends” button, and select “Invite” as shown below:

Photo Aug 08, 11 46 31 AM

4. Choose how you would like to invite your friends and start playing!

Do I need to be a social media user to use this app?

Absolutely not.  If you are a Facebook or Twitter user, you can link to those accounts so that you can share your golf experiences with your friends and followers, but you do not need to have any social media accounts to use Striker Golf GPS.