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Tiger Woods- Its all about the Short Game

Quote from John Cook about Woods. “I see his progress. I see [Woods’s coach Sean] Foley a bit around Orlando, so Tiger and I are in constant communication. I do know the feeling he has about what he’s doing, and he believes 100 percent in it. Right now it’s just about getting better with the short irons, because these guys all hit wedges to 8-irons into every hole. That control with the short irons is something that’s going to have to come back.

“He had that,” Cook added. “Mark [O’Meara] and I talked to him a lot about that in his early years, that he needed to control his golf ball more consistently, and he worked on that, which was why he went to the stratosphere and got to be so much better than everyone else. He’s got the new swing down, which took a couple years, and now that he’s comfortable again, I think he’ll dial the short irons in again and be back to where he was. I think he’s well on his way.”

Evolution of a Golf GPS App

img_0021The idea of Striker first game to me when I had the honor of organizing a golf tournament with my friends over the memorial day holidays 2 years ago. I hesitate to call it a tournament as it was more of an outing among friends who all enjoyed golf, but played at very different levels. Some had very low handicaps, some had handicaps over 20, and some had non-existent handicaps. But all loved the game and wanted to play over the holiday weekend.

While I am sure many of you have organized outings like this before, but I never had. So the pressure of creating an outing over multiple days, with multiple rounds within a day, with different handicaps was a very daunting task. I began looking for apps and programs that could help me. The task of finding one that I liked was much harder than I thought. Believe it or not, there are very few apps that organize games. I eventually settled upon one that I felt was suitable ( I don’t think it is right to slam another business so I will not mention its name here ) but found out on the fly over the course of the 3 days that it was grossly inadequate. That’s when I realized that I had the beginnings of a business idea.

The first business plan was simply to create an app program that could

  1. Create different games such as best ball, alternate shot, scrambles
  2. Be able to incorporate up to 20 friends into these games
  3. Be able to use handicaps
  4. Be able to calculate the scores and outcomes on a live scoreboard and/or leaderboard

As I said, this was just the beginning of the idea….

Flick Golf App

flick-golf-imageFlick Golf is possibly one of the most addictive Golf Games to ever created for the smartphone market. As a developer of golf related apps, I have tried hundreds of them and this one will not disappoint. Although I downloaded the app a while ago, I didn’t actually play it until I was on a flight from Washington D.C. to Asia. And for the majority of the flight, I could not stop myself from flicking the golf ball from hole to hole, from course to course. Try to hit draws and hooks and fades and slices in attempts to accumulate points and holes in ones while avoiding bunkers, trees, sand, and wind. There are dozens and even hundreds of golf games out there, but this is probably one of the top 10 golf games out there. I will be listing my top 10 soon.

Hello world!

Spread the word as we develop the most innovative Golf GPS and Real Time Game Organizer in the world: please ask to be a Beta Tester. Using a golf satellite GPS and Rangefinder as its platform, we are creating an App that encourages players to PLAY more golf through Game and Tournament modules, Practice and Statistics Modules, and a robust Chat and Social Features Module. This is an ambitious project that I hope to compete against the best devices on the market. And we need your help and input. Please check in with your advice and sign up to Beta test our device.