Create your next golf game with Striker Golf GPS

The most powerful Golf GPS for iPhone and android phone users, Striker Golf GPS is not just another golf gps app. It was designed for the sole purpose to allow its players to create individual stroke-play golf matches and Ryder Cup games, as well as individual and team match-play tournaments --- with or without handicaps. Also, you can track scores on the live leaderboard, and use the social media feature to communicate with fellow players, even before you get back to the clubhouse. You won’t find another mobile golf app that does as much as Striker Golf GPS.


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Late night Tuesday Trivia! Comment or message the answer if you know it.

Jack and Tom were playing a match. Jack, who had the honor, hit his tee shot on the par-3 12th, 10 feet from the hole. Tom asked Jack, "What club did you use?" Jack answered, "Five iron." The penalty is:

a. One Stroke
b. Two Strokes
c. Loss of Hole
d. No penalty

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