Create your next golf game with Striker Golf GPS

Striker Golf GPS is a golf tournament software app that allows users to play and organize golf outings, tournaments, and leagues using their smartphones. Users can create their events through the website or mobile app. They can then score and play their event using the Live Scorecard and GPS maps.

Equipped with:

  • GPS with push-button arrows to measure lay-up distances to hazards and greens
  • Create Ryder Cup and Match Play Games straight from the app
  • Live Scorecard for games and leagues
  • Perfect for Charities
  • Track all your Golf Stats
  • Calculate Handicaps
  • We are social. Chat and trash talk with your friends in your league or tournament


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Good things come to those who wait ! Sorry about the delay in our release but we should be coming out soon #golf #virginia #golfing #golfer #golfcourse #challenge #sports #sport #charity #charityevent #eventplanner #event #apps #appstore #appdeveloper #software #iphone ...

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